August 21, 2008

Dear Media: Stop Being Stupid

Ever seen Secret Life of the American Teenager?

Well, don't. It's bad. It makes rape jokes and jokes about "lol abstinence is win but guys can't do it cuz they need teh sex!" and Asians who exist just to ramble about sex statistics and some episodes read like pro-life propaganda.

But I like it because the writing is so bad that you can just sort of fall over laughing every other line, which is a good time.

Anyway. This particular episode that I'm watching is making me angry for several reasons, but here's the main one:

This sleazy guy hits on a girl's friends to get the girl's phone number, and they proceed to argue about who he's really trying to seduce as if it's a compliment, and dress in skimpy clothes and makeup to get his attention.

Yes. Let's continue the "sexual harassment as a compliment" theme. That's a GREAT idea. Thanks, ABC Family, for setting a great example for young girls everywhere who wonder how they'll get sleezy guys to hit on them.

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