August 15, 2008

In Which I Agree with Kathleen Parker

This isn't very important, other than as a sign of the apocalypse - crazy conservative columnist Kathleen Parker wrote something I agree with!

Actually, it was a really boring article about how the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics were really sort of creepy. Because, as she says, there's something unnerving about 2000 identical-looking people moving in perfect sync, though I was a bit more disturbed by the ongoing trend of "young men as performers, young woman as decoration," which she neglected to notice, as she doesn't believe in the patriarchy.

Her take on it is, how shall I put this... dull and uncreative? But I was pleased that someone else was creeped out by all that. I might write more about the objectification of women in the Olympics later.

Anyone else have anything about the Olympics that they find creepy? Or, alternatively, anything you find awesome? Personally, I've been really impressed by the fencing. Go, US Women's Saber Team!

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