August 23, 2008

Presidential Politics, Version 3am

"Obama picked his running mate. It's Joe Biden."
"Whuu?" It was 9am and my mom was just waking me up - I rolled over and propped myself uninterestedly.
"Apparently he sent the text at 3am."
I grabbed my phone off my night stand and sure enough, there was a text saying the running mate. I checked the time on it. "Yup. That's 3am all right." And promptly rolled over and fell back asleep.

Sometime before falling back asleep it occurred to me that Obama had kind of dropped the ball on the whole texting gimmick. The point was, after all, for people to feel like they were the first to know who it was, before the media or anyone - but it'd leaked the night before anyway, and with the text going out at such an ungodly hour, most supporters would hear the news second-hand during the morning news instead of finding out when their phones rang.


It's too early in the morning for politics.

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Chris Casey said...

At least you GOT the text, I never did. But from a Friday night party at a bowling alley here in Denver, CNN was reporting that ABC was reporting that the Secret Service had been dispatched to Biden's house.

TXT MSG FAIL, the reporter's won.