August 29, 2008

Quick Hit: Who's Afraid of Sarah Palin?

Great post on McCain's new veep over at the Feministing Community, pointing out all the reasons why we don't want Palin in the White House.

I've been reading some things this morning pointing out that, even if you disagree with her politics, it's still a fantastic step forward that a woman is actually on a presidential ticket. No matter who wins, we'll have either a black person or a female person in one of the two highest executive offices - it's a historic election for both parties.

During the primary season, when all the buzz was "Obama or Hillary?", someone asked me if I would rather vote for a black person or a woman for president. I blinked. "Um... Can I vote for the most the most qualified candidate?" To which my friends responded by laughing and announcing that I should run for president. But at any rate, the logic stands in light of McCain's choice - yes, it's historic, but in the end, Sarah Palin is NOT someone that we want having that much power.

Edit: Interesting quote on the topic from Pam's House: "John McCain and Sarah Palin met only six months ago and spoke only once by phone before he offered her the job of Vice President. Again, is this the kind of depth of decision making and consideration we'd see from commander-in-chief McCain?"


Anonymous said...

Geraldine Ferraro was the VP on the Democratic ticket with Mondale in 1984. So Palin is not all that historical in terms of being a woman and a VP candidate, although she's the first for the Republicans.

Spiffy said...

Oh, right... Why didn't we learn about that in my American history class last year? o_0 I don't think I ever heard that name until recently, it was never mentioned in school. Odd.