August 30, 2008

RNC: The Fun Begins

Demonstrating their commitment to the Constitution, particularly freedom of speech and freedom of assembly, police broke down the door of a community center and detained small children and elderly people without charges. The space was being used to organize protests for the upcoming week.

The officers - fully armed and threatening teenagers with guns - claimed to have a warrant to look for "bomb-making materials." None of these were found, but they did steal one woman's DVD when they confiscated all the electronics - everyone had been sitting down for dinner and movie-watching at the time of the raid.

The space is being closed down due to "fire code violations." The police officers have no right to enforce the fire code at all, but this is an unimportant detail.

It'll be an interesting week, don't you think?

More over here at feministing, including updates from a Code Pink protestor who's in the Twin Cities right now.

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