September 3, 2008

Back to School Part 2

Today, I had government!

Teacher: This year's going to be particularly interesting. Can anyone guess why?
Me: Election year, wh00t!
Teacher: ... yes, that.
Me: -blushes- I'm an intern for the Obama campaign.
Teacher: Really? Awesome, you're my favorite.

I spent the rest of the period annoying my classmates by being overly excited about politics. It was great. I think I'm going to 1) drive everyone insane by the end of the first discussion and 2) love that class!

One assignment I'm worried about: We have to volunteer for BOTH political parties, so unless I can convince him to let me work for the Green Party as my second party I'll be doing two to four hours at the Republican headquarters. And while I understand the point of the assignment and think it could be interesting, I don't want to be seen as promoting and/or representing McCain or any of those people.

Maybe I'll look at it as blogging research. I could write an epically dramatic post as my Day as a Republican.

What do you think?


Unknown said...

Darling, doing an hour or two of work for the republicans will not really do anything one way or another because, honestly, how much effect will two hours of putting stickers on signs or annoying people while calling them during dinner about the election really have? Maybe if you spent a lot of time, sure, it could have an effect. But two hours? Unlikely. And also, everyone in local politics and their sister knows of the AP Gov't project back home. Finally, you scream liberal - I don't think you'll have any issue with people thinking for long that you are or support the republican party. XD

The post on your day as a republican would be amusing, though, I suggest doing thing. XD

Unknown said...

I think that making you work for Republicans is analogous to making a vegetarian work in a meat packing plant. It's just wrong and borderline abusive!

It will be a very difficult day for me, but we'll get through it together :-)