September 26, 2008

A Coming Out

The scene is the cafeteria. Spiffy is rambling excitedly to everyone, including A, who she only just met this year and doesn't know too well.

Spiffy: I'm so excited! I get to hang out with my girlfriend two weekends in a row!
A: Wait, girlfriend like best friend or girlfriend like -
Spiffy: (interrupting helpfully) Girlfriend like we're dating.
A: Oh, okay, awesome.

A proceeds to casually talk about an ex-girlfriend. The conversation moves on without anyone batting an eye at the gay talk.

It makes me really proud of my school that while there are some places I might not be entirely comfortable talking about my sexuality, I never feel unsafe being out.

Now I just have to hope that whatever college I go to is just as awesome!

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Sabertooth Screaming Lemur said...

That's so great to hear. It tells me that humanity can improve, and things can get better. It helps me to live in hope.