September 2, 2008

Daily WTF: Biscuity Doom

Just so you know, "any woman who serves her family canned biscuits for breakfast in anything but an extreme emergency is guilty of apathy." So says Elroy Riggs, in this clever article about how "Pillsbury Doughboy with his dratted canned biscuits is a lousy homewrecker". I'm not even lying.

It is time, women of America, to come to your senses. Halt the alarming increase in the divorce rate. Bring the homemade biscuit back to your breakfast table. We can all work together. You make 'em, we'll eat 'em. What could be more fair? I must insist on taking a hard line on this matter.

He's just mad because he can't get anyone but his mom to cook for him. He says so himself.

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