September 10, 2008

kNOw More

Being new as I am to writing about reproductive rights, there are a lot of issues I'm not very well-educated on, and one of them came up today. The Family Violence Prevention Fund started a new project called kNOw More, which is about the reproductive health consequences of sexual and domestic violence, particularly for young women.

Besides providing plenty of facts and resources about the topic, the website also provides a place for young women to tell their own stories. Here's one:

Carollee started dating a 32-year-old man when she was 19. Things went well at first and they began to sleep together. She was on birth control pills, however, she noticed that whole rows of pills would disappear. When Carollee called her boyfriend on the disappearing birth control, he responded that he “knew” she wanted to have his child. Carollee also noticed that he was sabotaging the condoms, but didn’t bring it up.

Read the rest here.

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