September 2, 2008

School and RNC fun

Today was the first day of school! I had to wake up way earlier than I have in months, but it looks like my senior year should be quite lovely.

In my AP English class, I overheard one girl whisper, "This is a very white class." She had a good point - we had maybe one or two people of color, I think just one, in the entire 20-some person class. Given that our school is very, very racially diverse, this is pretty depressing. The class was also mostly girls, which was interesting. One of the few guys came in talking about his weight lifting class - They thought they had one girl in the class, but as it turned out she wasn't actually in the class, she was an assistant of some kind. Oh, gender distribution in high school classes; I find it interesting.

I'm very excited about my Sociology class - I don't really know anyone, but the teacher seems very cool, and the topics seem fascinating. He made it very clear that gay-bashing and racism and sexism and such would not be tolerated, and I felt very clever because I was the only one in the class who knew the answer when he asked the difference between sex and gender. Since I was wearing a skirt, I got to be the example for the class of "feminine" in American culture, while a big scary football player guy was the "masculine." It was fun!

I've been trying to keep up with all the police raids and such in St. Paul, but it's just too much. There's an overview of the last day or so here that I recommend you check out!

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Jamie Bougher said...

I was definitely not feminist aware when I was in high school (not so long ago - 2005 was my graduating year) and reading this post brought me back to memories both pleasant and, in retrospect, not-so pleasant.

I was a complete arse in my AP classes. >.<