October 22, 2008

Daily WTF: Awesome Edition

This isn't so much wtf, but in the category of odd really cool things. Kami, the HIV positive Muppet star of Takalani Sesame (South Africa's version of Sesame Street,) is getting pretty famous with the kids of Africa.

Kami teaches me to take my medicines,” shouted a 6-year-old at the Mapetla Day Care Center, attached to the Soweto Hospice, outside Johannesburg.

"Kami teaches me to eat my vegetables," another shouted.

"Kami says go to the doctor when I'm sick," screamed a third.

Seriously, that's really cool.

Also, I'm making Obama calls right now, and the last person on my list was named Persephone. It was a wrong number, but seriously, best name ever.

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