October 11, 2008

I'm Scared Now

Pam's House has been tracking the efforts of various filmmakers to show the scary, mob-like mentality of McCain's supporters, and this most recent one has freaked me the hell out. Here's some quotes:

Man #1 (walks by, randomly screaming): "Commie faggots!"
Woman #1: "Socialism! Communism!" (random people yell "Go to Russia!" "socialist swine" and "European socialist!")

Filmmaker: "You think they should die?"
Man #2: "Everyone dies, don't they?"

Protestor: "Palin voted to have women pay for their own rape kits. My friends shouldn't have to pay for their own rape kits. How would you feel about that?"
McCain supporter: "She should die!"
McCain supporter #2: "She should pay double!"

I mean, whoa. Original movie here.

Now, McCain's tried to denounce the "grab your torch and pitchfork" atmosphere, but it's getting to be really clear that he hasn't got any control over his supporters - he started this mess, and now he has no choice but to ride it through to wherever it ends up. And that's really scary. SIlver lining, he might lose some moderate voters, but still, it's NOT OKAY that his campaign allowed it to get this far. Not that his campaign wasn't sleezy before, but dang... doesn't sinking this low, like, disqualify you from public office?

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