October 28, 2008

Oh, no. Not in my state, assholes.

Today in Sociology, when I brought up voter manipulation and suppression in our discussion of politics, my teacher regarded me skeptically, and replied in a "sure, we can pretend that actually happens," sort of tone.

Haha. Um, yeah, it does.

For anyone too lazy to click the link, Virginia Republicans have issued a typo-ridden flyer, illegally using the state seal and board of elections seal, telling people that Republicans vote on November 4th and Democrats vote on November 5th, due to "the larger than expected voter turnout in this years [sic] electorial [sic] process."

First of all, as a certified Grammar Nazi, I gotta say if you're gonna lie, you'd better have the decency to spell it right.

Second of all, this is illegal. It's only been illegal for one year to lie to voters about the date and time of elections, so maybe they missed the memo, but it's definitely, definitely illegal.

This has "stupid" written all over it. I'm hoping that the stupid, combined with good advertising for the real date, will keep too many people from believing it.

Urg. I'll be so glad when all this is over.

EDIT: Some of the commenters on the news article are saying that this is a hoax. Dad says it happens every year. So either it's an old trick or a fake one, but I'm new to politics and it pisses me off all the same, thank you very much.

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