October 26, 2008

Victim Blaming Fun

In Sociology, we somehow came around to talking about curfews, because we get in really random discussions like that. One girl complained that, as a girl, she has an earlier curfew than a guy might.

"Well, I can understand that," my teacher said. "Girls are more vulnerable."

"Yeah, girls can get raped!" several girls immediately chimed in.

"Right. And the later girls are out, the more likely they are to be, you know, drinking or something... I mean, think of all the things that could happen to a girl who's out late and has compromised herself."

The discussion went on like this for a good fifteen minutes or so, weaving around into such enlightened topics as how guys can't technically be raped and then back into how girls need earlier curfews so they don't go out and get themselves raped.

The fact that guys are more likely to be violent when drunk or that the rapist might have some responsibility for his actions was never mentioned.

I wish I had spoken up instead of just writing it all down.

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