December 16, 2008

Lesbians Until Graduation

The Bilerico Project has a lovely post up from a student at Agnes Scott College, which was recently used as the set for the movie "Road Trip II: Beer Pong."

Was anyone surprised when the filming turned into a cesspool of sexism, heterosexism, and racism?

Well, no, but it's still super-lame.

Students in the cafeteria were recruited to make out in the background for a "lesbians until graduation" scene. Charming.

This recruitment was foreshadowed by a fake bulletin board as part of the movie's properties advertising the "exploratory meeting" for their fake college's "Lesbians Until Graduation" club, qualified by statements like "Miss your boyfriend from high school?" which is apparently the only acceptable "excuse" for being a lesbian.

To understand the mindset behind these actions, let's examine how the filmmakers put up signs that said that if we entered certain areas on our campus (including our main quad with our library and humanities building), we were granting the production crew permission to reproduce our images "throughout the universe for all of eternity." This same utter entitlement to our bodies was reproduced in the way that the production team assumed that just because we were on (our own) campus and that we were women, they could recruit us for this degrading "Lesbians until Graduation" scene.

My "list of things to look for in women's colleges" has been expanded to include "Not routinely used as a set for idiotic movies."

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mr_subjunctive said...

Maybe there's a reason why I've never heard of Agnes Scott College.