December 30, 2008

What Difference Does It Make?

A brilliant blog post by Shark-Fu has been open on my computer for two days now - read the comment thread, too, if you get the chance. Both the post and the comments are powerful, well-written, and freaking terrifying.

The first time I was gay bashed I was seventeen. I was in college and walking to the T in Boston with a girl friend. We had gone to a club and were returning to campus…we held hands, even though we weren’t a couple…and, as we rounded a corner to approach the T station a group of men came towards us down the sidewalk.

It flashed though my mind…that sense that something wasn’t right or cool…that I should call out “fire!” or something to scare them off of whatever they were about to do. I think it was the look of them…their posture or the pace of their walk…or maybe hate has a scent that I was already familiar with.

An interesting perspective on the Rick Warren thing.

I wrote a letter about it to the Inauguration Team. I'll probably never send it, but after I've gone over it again I promise to post it here.

I'll do something cheerful and retrospective for the new year, too, haha.

Smith College interview today; wish me luck!

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