January 2, 2009

2008 in Videos

I don't usually post videos on my blog, but when I do, it's usually because they're freaking awesome. Here's the year 2008 in videos posted to my blog, for your entertainment.

March 19th:
On the fifth anniversary of our invasion of Iraq, I needed something silly to cheer me up, so the Sailor Scouts came to the rescue.

March 24th:
Anne Hathaway says that supporting gay rights isn't brave, it's, you know, something decent human beings do. "Love is a human experience, not a political statement."

April 12th:
Some funny people had a song about hymenization of virginity, and I wrote a significantly less funny rant on the same. I've been reading about this all year, it just doesn't go away!

May 8th:
This guy I've never heard of (James Pence, I guess his name is?) had a fantastic video up about what, precisely, makes a terrorist. Hint: Think less explosives and more foreclosures and wiretapping.

May 15th:
The California Supreme Court struck down the state's gay marriage video, and I celebrated with parody songs. Will you commitment ceremony me?

June 11th:
School ended, Obama won the nomination, and YouTube gave us a long list of reasons to vote Republican. "I just don't feel I deserve health insurance, and hybrid cars really suck."

August 15th:
The Olympics started, campaign season began to heat up, and we argued against McCain's "maverick" thing by pointing at his record. It didn't quite work, but points for effort.

November 7th:
Apparently nothing happened during election season, but as it wound down, I reflected fondly on some of the finer moments of the campaign.

December 3rd:
Finally, with the year drawing to a close, we unleashed the full fury of liberal Hollywood with Jack Black's wonderful "Prop 8: The Musical."

And so, 2008 comes to a close! May 2009 come with more victories, less defeats, and lots of funny videos.


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