February 8, 2009

Fun with Drop-Down Lists

Because I am an LGBT high schooler, I am applying for a Point Foundation scholarship. This is more or less a given, since they're the biggest queer scholarship fund out there, but I forgot about it until today. Fortunately, the Point Foundation form is not just another tedious scholarship form - I spent the entire first page being amused by the queer-ness of the questions.

Gender Identity:
F to M
M to F
Third Gender
Cross dresser
Other (please explain)

10 options? That's five times as many as most of the forms I fill out have. This was a novelty to me, and deeply entertaining, as were the subsequent questions on sexual orientation (8 options, if you were wondering) and "outness." (I put "almost all" out, though the "all out" is probably something to aspire to.)

Then I went on to the next page, family information. None of it was required, and at the bottom was a box you could check if you were or had ever been homeless.

That this was probably just as necessary as the multiple options on the "gender" drop down was sort of a kill joy.

And now I have to write 3 essays by the Monday deadline.

Sigh. At least it was fun to start with.

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Anonymous said...

*delurks* Wow, sounds heart-warmingly inclusive though. All the best!