February 25, 2009

Report Cards!

NARAL just texted me to let me know that the grades are in on how state lawmakers stand on reproductive heath issues!

My state got an F. Is anyone surprised? No. Not at all. I also learned that 86% of counties in my state don't have abortion providers. I think that my county is one of the 14% that does, because I see the protestors day in and day out on my way to fencing.

Speaking of grades, mine have been dropping, which is what happens when you miss two days of school for college visits. So the lack of blog posts that has been plaguing this sad little corner of the internet will probably continue while I frantically run around doing make-up work and getting the magazine going. Sorry! I will someday make up for my epic blogging fail with amazing, astonishingly insightful posts that will make all of your brains explode with the awesome. But first I have to survive the rest of high school.

1 comment:

Chris Casey said...

I will put on a helmet in an attempt to protect my brain from the coming explosion of awesome!