February 1, 2009

Things That Make AP English Awkward

Teacher: Jane Eyre is frequently described in the book as "plain," but she sort of "becomes beautiful" as the story goes on...
Girl: She outgrows her tomboy phase!
Me: ....Way to compare non-gender-normative behavior to unattractiveness and/or undesirability.

The conversation had moved on to a completely different topic before I realized that I'd been mentally monologuing about gender binary, gender roles in literature, and the connection between attractiveness and gendered behavior. Sigh.

Going to the Fem 2.0 conference instead of school tomorrow, whoo! Jill from Feministe, Amanda from Pandagon and a bunch of other exciting people are going to be there! I can't wait!

Though, if I'm going to be an awesome conference-going blogger, I really ought to write more often...


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