April 29, 2009

100 Days, with Dancing Condoms

Campus Progress.org has an awesome report card of how Obama's administration has done on reproductive health issues in the first hundred days. And instead of As and Bs and Fs, his policies were ranked in dancing condoms, with one condom being "fail fail fail fail" and five being "awesome beyond recognition."

This made me giggle.

The biggest surprise for me was the epic fail on the subject of sex education. Failed Abstinence only programs still got $94 million dollars in the federal budget, and the FY 2010 budget does not mention comprehensive education; instead, it says vague things about "community and faith-based efforts."

Ahem. Given how faith-based efforts worked in Texas, I would like to see them very firmly yanked from my public schools, if you please.

And now, for your amusement: A handout from an abstinence-only sex ed program of "Things to Look for in a Mate." Ask yourself: Is Jesus their first love?

The thing that most annoys me about that statement is the grammatically incorrect use of the word "their."

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Chris Casey said...

Lucky for you that your mom didn't use that handout when considering me as a prospective mate :-)