April 13, 2009

Amazon Fail

Have you heard that Amazon removed rankings from tons of GLBT and feminist books for no apparent reason, calling it a glitch?

I'm pretty sure you have. Just about every blog in the world is talking about it.

But some blog is responding by planning something called a google bomb. I do not know what a google bomb is, but I'm going to contribute!

Find the new definition of Amazon Rank here!

Now, can someone explain what a google bomb is to me?


Emy Augustus said...

did you see the ad about 'the storm is approaching'?
interesting to see the backlash. I hope all this publicity about it on blogs / twitter makes them change.

Spiffy said...

I saw a lot of the buzz about the ad, but didn't actually watch it, haha. Isn't backlash fun?

Anonymous said...

Google bombing is creating a bunch of links to a site so it shows up first in Google (in this case, so the new definition of Amazon Rank shows up before the, erm, official definition by Amazon).

I just found your site via genderfork, and I'm enjoying it so far :)

Chris Casey said...

My favorite example of a Google Bomb was the successful effort to tie the search term 'miserable failure' to George Bush's bio on the White House web site. Read about it here.

Anonymous said...


for google bomb history