April 6, 2009

Best Blog Quote of the Day

"Do you want a vagina full of AIDS? No? Then don't use a condom. ...ok?"

Words of wisdom indeed. Except actually completely a lie.

Also: Don't use lambskin comdoms, even if you're allergic to latex. They don't protect against STIs (really, not in a ab-only-scare-tactic kind of way) and they're icky, and also don't stretch and are really expensive.. I learned this at OWL (UU sex ed) and have been telling everyone I know. It's very important. Lambskin condoms are disgusting. Polyurethane is far superior.

EDIT: We have a runner-up for best blog line: "Lesbians keep making themselves unattractive to men, wearing men's clothes and such... You're never going to become a heterosexual dressed like that!"

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