April 10, 2009

Conservative Vocabulary

Many years ago, when I was a naive little middle schooler, I discovered Urban Dictionary, the ultimate internet slang dictionary and source of hours of entertainment.

Apparently, conservatives have not yet discovered Urban Dictionary. Consider:

Teabagging: Conservatives say it means sending elected officials tea bags as a symbolic recreation of the Boston Tea Party and a protest against taxes. Urban Dictionary has a different definition.

2M4M: Conservatives say it means 2 Million for Marriage,, the name of the National Organization for Marriage's newest campaign. But it describes men seeking men in online chat rooms.

And speaking of the National Organization for Marriage...

NOM: A national anti-gay group, or "the sound made when eating someone. Can mean a sexually suggestive action."

Wai 2 go, guys.


Emy Augustus said...

out of your blog roll, which blog would u recommend the most?

Spiffy said...

Ooh, tough question... haven't updated the roll in a while. Shakesville is probably my favorite, though.