June 17, 2009

Blog Quote of the Day and updates

Just which benefits will gay federal employees be getting? The White House is refusing to say. But it's unlikely it's anything involving money, like Social Security, or, as we now know, health care. Which is ironic, since health care is Obama's number one issue (but not for us). Also ironic, which I wrote about earlier, is that health care reform likely won't cover us either, since they'd have to include us as "families" and "dependents" - and let's face it, they just compared us to incest and pedophilia, does anyone think this administration or this congress is going to define us as "family" in their health care package?

(Via Pam's House)

Urg. Great way to start my morning.

Sorry the posts have been slow-coming. My excuse this time is that I was busy graduating. WSHS class of 2009, whooooo!

Yeah, we're awesome.

(I also had a very successful poetry reading in DC last night. Yay!)

Now that it's summer I'll have free time to spare, so hopefully I can get the blog going again, when I'm not playing my new guitar and trying to figure out what the heck I need to get for my college dorm. Move-in day is in August, anyone have any tips?

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Unknown said...

To be completely honest, I thought the Judicial Branch ruling that Homosexual marriage was not against the Constitution may have opened up some doors. Perhaps, at this time, that is not going to happen. Blame N. Korea's hardheadedness and the recession. If the big issues were not consuming so much of their time, then, maybe, we would get a direct answer instead of "we're looking into it."