June 24, 2009

Girls Suck at Smarts

I couldn't not re-post this:

It is a page from an SAT study book called "Strategies for Women." Featuring basic algebra and vocabulary that the ladies for some reason find more difficult than the mens.

You'd think the author of a book on test scores might know that women and minorities perform worse on the SATs when reminded that they're minorities.

Mm, standardized testing goodness, my favorite! Via Shakesville

Also, I would have it known that I used algebra to re-size that picture; I can do proportions in my head, and I have two x chromosomes! Weird, ain't it?

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Unknown said...

Standardized tests are fairly pointless and ultimately irrelevant. I actually take offense to the "ladies don't understand mathematics as well men do."
I cannot think of any other way of expressing my thoughts at the moment.