July 21, 2009

Green Birth Control

I only skimmed it, but Huffington Post has a round-up of eco-friendly birth control.

The reason I didn't bother reading the whole thing is that it endorsed lamb skin condom, which I decided at my OWL class (church sex ed) are the grosses thing ever, and don't actually protect against STDs.

However, I learned form the HuffPo article that fair trade condoms exist, and this made me smile. Fair trade is awesome, condoms are awesome (even if you don't want to use them, it's fun to blow them up like balloons and throw them at people), and combining the two just makes all kinds of fair trade sexy condoms.

Not that I really plan on needing condoms any time soon. I might go on The Pill, which is the other reason I didn't read the whole article - I'm sure it will be horribly not-green and eco-bad in a million different ways, but if it makes my PMS going away I don't care how many fish die.

This has been your juvenile blog post of the day, brought to you by lack of sleep and loud music. Hope you enjoyed it!

Twenty-nine days until college! Aah!


Anonymous said...

Lamb skin condoms are really only for couples. They are strictly to protect you from babies, not AIDS.

But if you trust your partner you don't really need latex.

Unknown said...

Spiffy, I thought you were gay. Why would you need the pill?

Spiffy said...

PMS! My doctor recommended it. Hormones aren't just for baby-making.

Unknown said...

Ah, I feel so stupid. Please pardon my ignorance.

Spiffy said...

Quite alright! Glad to educate on the ins and outs of birth control? lol.

Unknown said...

Well, there is always room for learning something new. Even so, given that I define myself as a feminist, I should have known better.