July 17, 2009

A Memo To the Universe

Dear Universe:

Please stop mocking Hufflepuff!

Even The Bilerico Project is getting in on the Hufflepuff-bashing! A gay political blog, making fun of my Hogwarts house! Whaaaat?

If Dumbledore had taken the management skills test in Snyder's book, as we did for him, the results would likely have been as conclusive as a Quidditch match between Harry Potter's Gryffindor team and the pokey badgers of Hufflepuff House. In other words, a shutout.

I'll have you all know that Hufflepuffs are loyal, hard-working, accepting, tolerant, and generally the hippies of the Harry Potter universe. And we beat Gryffindor in a Quidditch game in the 3rd book.

And also, badgers can rip your face off, and will if you keep insisting that Hufflepuff is a bunch of slow idiots.

(No, I haven't seen Half-Blood Prince yet. I'll hopefully see it on Tuesday, and after that I can have blog posts that aren't Harry Potter related!)

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