July 2, 2009

On Discrimination and Summer Fun

If there's one thing I'll miss about high school, it's my creative writing class. A bunch of us got together to hang out on Wednesday, and lots of lesbian hilarity ensued.

Granted, I'm the only lesbian in the group, but several of the girls had fun stories about how they pretend to be dating when they share meals at restaurants. "We partner with whoever we're sharing with," one girl said, giggling. "It's funny how people react."
"Yeah, that one waitress was really mean, remember?"
There was a bit more giggling before one girl said, thoughtfully, "Yeah, I didn't like it."
I wasn't entirely sure what to say - "Gee, I'm sorry" and "Welcome to my life" didn't seem appropriate, especially since I've never had any worse discrimination than a few dirty looks. But it kind of made me happy - I mean, I like when people are casually aware and supportive. You don't need to go to a protest or make a big fuss to be a good ally.

So, with the topic of discrimination floating around my head, I went home to read my blog roll, and was found a fascinating post about ENDA. I had kind of forgotten this bill exists, but then I remembered that it's sort of important, especially given that I live in a state where employment discrimination is totally legal. I have done nothing productive all summer, but I put writing letters to my representatives and to the local paper about ENDA high on my to-do list, so you should to!

You should also, of course, join the facebook page, because Facebook is obviously the best thing ever. It even has a spreadsheet of which representatives support the bill, which don't, and which are undecided. Such awesomeness should not go to waste!

This would probably be a lot more eloquent if it weren't almost 11 at night.

But I have to get a real job sometime in the not-so-distant future, and I really would like to be protected against getting fired for being gay, so fingers crossed for ENDA passing!


Unknown said...

Spiffy, Spiffy, Spiffy.... What are we going to do with you? :)

I have a myspace and I plan on creating a Facebook page next week. you should check it out.
and the Facebook will have a similar url.
Perhaps we should collaborate on a novel or something of the sort...
That was not intended to be dirty by the way.

Unknown said...

I now have a Facebook page