August 26, 2009

Some Things About My School

So that picture in the banner of my blog is Monroe Hall, which actually used to be the gym about a hundred years ago. (Literally.) It's currently under renovation, because an old pool in the basement = mold and other unpleasant things, so I'm glad I have a pretty picture of it online, because in real life it is currently not so pretty.

P.R.I.S.M., the gay-straight alliance type club, is either one of the biggest or the biggest club on campus, depending on who you ask. There's also a club for gender-neutral housing, and there were at least three different groups handing out condoms today at Club Carnival. Condoms and candy are apparently both sure-fire way to draw people to your club.

We were supposed to take a "Wellness Survey" during orientation, and one of the first questions was "Sex," which, to my surprise/happiness, included "transgender" among "male" and "female," which is certainly more than my high school would have done. However, from that point on the survey became tedious and repetitive, so I didn't appreciate that gesture as much as I might have.

Let's see, other nifty things I have noticed... every dorm has a "sustainability coordinator," who tries to encourage recycling and conserving energy. Pretty cool. There's also a sustainable public garden that a few students help out at that I rather want to check out.

Politically, the campus isn't particularly lefty or righty, but the fact that GLBT and environmental issues are addressed by the school makes me pretty happy.

Also, my classes are pretty awesome, my advisor is awesome (and told me about how there might be a Gender Studies major forming soon... Double major for me!), and so far I haven't had too much homework. I tried to keep this post on-topic, but I really just wanted to babble about how incredibly excited I am about various school things. YAY!

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Unknown said...

It is nice to hear that your University has a LGBT club that is equal minded and one of the biggest on your campus. Also like the fact the survey had transgender as a sex.

Glad you are enjoying school, regardless if your post goes off topic.
-Licorice Lain