October 7, 2009

In which the state of Oklahoma is super-sketch

So, did you know, that under new Oklahoma law, doctors have to collect detailed data about every abortion they perform, which is then posted on a public website?

First of all, my initial reaction: WTF SO SKETCHY.

But to be a bit more smart about it:

1) "The data is intended to be used for academic research to help health officials figure out how to prevent abortion in the future."
First of all, any data collected would be basically useless - If a woman sees more than one provider about her abortion, she'll show up as two people, so it'll be skewed if someone, say, goes to a primary-care provider and an OBGYN. Secondly, there are some questions that have no basis in reality: "Was there an infant born alive as a result of the abortion?" Another question that confused me was, under possible reasons for abortion, "Was the pregnancy a result of forcible rape?" ...Is there any other kind?

2) "There's no information identifying the mother, so it's totally anonymous!"
Because in a tiny Midwestern town, questions about where you live, your education level, your race, your marital status, and your previous pregnancies are totally not enough to narrow it down for any interested creepers.

So I think my first reaction was appropriate. You say "putting abortion data online is totally useful for stuff!" I say, "Oklahoma, stop being a super-sketchy creeper!"

Full text of the law can be found here.

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