March 7, 2010

Meanwhile, 40 minutes south...

Aww, DC started issuing gay marriage licenses this week! So many sweet pictures and stories have been drifting through my blogroll for the past couple of days, and it's all very lovely and wonderful!

Meanwhile, down here in The South...

Our new Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli wrote an unsolicited letter to all of Virginia's state colleges, including the one I attend, advising them that it's illegal for them to include GLBT faculty and students in their nondiscrimination policies. Just FYI, in case they wanted to get around to fixing that gross diversity thing they all seem to think is so important.

Seriously. If I drove up 95, I could get married and have basic legal protections, but here, my state government thinks that maybe it should be okay for my school to kick me out for liking girls.


Hell will break loose, of course. Facebook is already planning flyers and tabling and phonebanking and all manner of fun things. I get back on campus from spring break tomorrow, so expect more eloquent analysis of this nonsense in the near future!

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