August 25, 2010

Late-Night Letters

Dear Catholics for Equality:

Congratulations on launching this week! Sorry some gay blogs were making fun of you ("Laudable, laughable, or simply oxymoronic?"). I actually need to read the whole post, because it looks like it raises some interesting points about what it means to be Catholic and opposing Church leadership on things queer, but right now it's late at night and I've had a long day, and I'm pleased to see another group of religious people hopping on the pro-equality bandwagon. Glad to have you, looking forward to reading more about you at a more reasonable hour and seeing you at Pride events!



annajcook said...

Thanks for this! I totally agree with you. I'm not Catholic / Christian, but I know many deeply-devoted religious people of all faiths who are equally devoted to human dignity and human rights. Often fueled by their faith, rather than antithetical to it. It's a shame that non-religious queer activists find the idea so laughable.


Congratulations Letters said...

Al religions say "prayers can change your faith" so i agree with you.

Anonymous said...

Sure some of the gay blogs mock us, but this is unfair to the many equality loving Catholics such as myself and many of my family and friends. Catholic support of LGBT is on the rise, this is evident in the polls. Gallup May 2010
poll shows that 62% believe homosexuality should be accepted by society this is
up a whopping 16% from for years ago. You can read more here:

If you look at the statistics for younger voters it is even more impressive. This tells me one thing in particular, the Catholic church is not in touch with mainstream catholic laity. The people sitting in the pews do not agree with the discrimination being spouted by church leaders.

While the blogs, may mock us, US Catholics make up 25% of voters in the States, it only makes sense to engage, and educate the public on these issues. Catholics mission is to educate on the true principals of Jesus' compassion and love for ones family and neighbors. Gay and transgendered people are our neighbors and family and we know that they are as deserving of rights and our respect as any other person.

Thanks for the well wishes! And please help spread the word of our launch!

-Catholics for Equality