November 12, 2010


Something I was just pondering at work...

A significant amount of my daily interactions with friends and family, much of my writing, and almost all of my online reading takes place on webspace run by one of two giant corporations that both probably pretty much have the entire story of my life saved in a database somewhere in China or the Midwest or something. Google and Facebook have between them all of my photos from the past five years or so, much of my writing and blogging, records of who I'm friends with and what I like, everything I've ever searched for online, random family home movies on YouTube... And these two massive coorporations who combined have all this information about me hate each other and periodically duke it out in epic battles of one-upsmanship.

That's really bloody weird. That's, like, the plot of a sci fi novel right there, except for the part where it's currently normal.

Am I the only one who finds that thinking about this stuff makes my head spin?

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