December 23, 2010

It Gets Better

I never got picked on in high school for being gay. Now, in college, I have friends who had it much harder than me as queers in high school, and I find it difficult to imagine. All the same, these "It Gets Better" videos make me happy, and Etsy, my favorite holiday haunt, recently posted one, so I thought I'd share!

I've read some critiques of the project, too - It's one thing to tell kids to wait it out and life will be great when they graduate, but it would probably also be cool to address the problems facing gay youth. The problem that sparked all these videos is bullying, of course, but there are other things, too; Bilerico Project put up a beautifully written post asking people to remember homeless gay youth who need help this holiday.

My roommate tells the story of how she made Thanksgiving break last year painfully awkward by accidentally coming out over dinner, and just that sounds so difficult to me. Not even having family dinners to make awkward is unimaginable. So while I'm loving the feel-good holiday cheer that comes from charming videos about how it gets better, I'm wondering what sort of things can be done to make things better now.

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