January 6, 2011

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2011, everyone!

I got my wisdom teeth out this week, and so have spent much of this lovely new year on the couch. Here's some things I've been reading over the past few days:

Four flipped social paradigms for 2011 from TreeHugger. According to them, in the coming year, smaller, more energy-efficient houses will become desperately sought after, and hipsters will again be cool.
Related notes:
Apartment Therapy's roundup of the best use of teeny tiny studio apartment spaces of the year. It is probably weird, and entirely this website's fault, that my dream house is less than 500 sq. ft.
New York Magazine's very helpful article explaining exactly what a hipster is.

The GOP Needs to Tell the Truth about their Views on the Constitution from ThinkProgress. Full of links to scary quotes with Republicans suggesting that things like child labor laws, minimum wage, paper money, and a Department of Education are unconstitutional

Kathryn Gray, 10 years old, Discovers Supernova. As someone who just got a star chart on my ipod and stares back and forth between that and the (mostly starless) sky here, I gotta say that this little girl is probably the coolest ever.

A Scarf a Day for January. I've been knitting non-stop lately, but this woman is way ahead of me: She's making a different crazy scarf every day for the month of January. Themes so far include LongCat and internal organs.

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