February 14, 2011

Pretty Things

This blog has been tragically quiet for a while, and I'm afraid I have no profound political insights to share today. Moved by the spirit of being locked in the library researching on a beautiful day, and reading depressing budget stories, I am going to write a post of things which are awesome.

1) It was warm and sunny today! Words cannot express how happy this makes me, so I'll just say it again. It was warm and sunny today!!

2) I went to a fabulous concert last night in DC, still managed to get a decent amount of sleep before class this morning, and walked around all day with fabulous songs stuck in my head.

3) The crocuses are blooming on the hill which my dorm is at the bottom of and the rest of campus is at the top of. I swear every time I walked up and down those 55 stairs to my dorm today, there were new flowers blooming, and I anticipate that the walk to class and back is going to get very beautiful as spring gets closer.

(See also: The shoes, dining hall mug, and spray can tied with pretty ribbon to the tree that stretches over the staircase. It's like some charming hipster Christmas tree ornaments.)

4) Thinking in Spanish. I may not have finished my Spanish homework for class today, but I could come up with a whole lot of grammatically-correct excuses!

5) Getting a valentine from "Casanova" in my mail box. (It had a Hello Kitty sticker.)

And so, today is awesome. We'll get back to your regularly scheduled blogging when I'm not drowning in homework. (So maybe never. Who knows?)

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