July 3, 2011

Squeeing over Marriage in New York

Ok, I never posted about gay marriage in New York - in fact, I have to admit, I slept through the announcement and bailed on the HRC victory party - but I read an article today that made me smile a lot.

"Gay Marriage Gets Cold Feet" was the headline, and it was an article about how now that gays in New York can get married, they're feeling the pressure to do it, with everyone suddenly wondering when their gay friend/child/whatever will set a date. It's full of cute quotes from various gay folk about "oh my god we've never had to deal with this before!" (which sort of covered up the only serious points the article made, but whatever.)

“It used to be that when you came out, your parents would say things like, ‘Now I’m never going to see you in a wedding dress, never going to get to have grandchildren,’” says Cathy Renna, a local activist who runs an LGBT-focused communications firm. “Now it’s the opposite: ‘When do I get to see you in a wedding dress?!’ The more options you get, the more challenges arise.”

Isn't it awesome? We (speaking broadly, because as a Virginian I'm still not included in that technically) get to fret about whether or not to get married! About how long one should date before popping the question, public or private proposals, big wedding or running to the courthouse in jeans. I mean, it's weird that it's news that gays would feel the same conflicted way about marriage that straight people do, but yay that some of them get to!

(PS: This image is a cake topper from Offbeat Bride. Ten points to anyone who catches the reference.)


Tori Groene said...

The picture reminds me of Katamari. :]

Katie Casey said...

Ding ding ding! That's exactly what it is, it's from a Katamari themed wedding. :D