September 18, 2011

A Fencing Story

Today an older woman at church came up to me after the service and asked, "Do they let women fence sabre?"

 It took me a minute to realize I was wearing my fencing club track jacket, with our club name and a picture of two stick figures bouting, so I very eloquently answered, "Huh?"

"Can women fence sabre in your club?" she repeated.

 "Oh, yeah," I replied. "I mean, I fence foil, but we have a few female sabreists."

 "That's good," she said. "When I fenced they only let the girls use point weapons."

 I assured her that our girls did as much wild slashing as anyone, and she looked quite pleased.


Tori Groene said...


DanaR said...

Yeah... I was taught fencing by an 80yo woman in school who looked like she was 55. She was bloody amazing and made an Olympic team once. She was not allowed to learn Sabre. :(