October 4, 2011

In Which Doctor Who Makes Marriages Stupid.

So, uh, I watch Dr. Who. So naturally, I watched the season finale last week, and it was pretty cool. Kinda confusing. I really had just given up on understanding River Song.

Fortunately, Jess Zimmerman laid out for me quite clearly what the problem with River Song is. It's not that she's terribly confusing what with the time travel. It's that, for a character with such epic back story and so central to the plot, she doesn't actually get any character development of her own; she just fills whatever holes in the Doctor's story need filling. Which is why the random marriage at the end of this season just seemed so strange.

She also mentions, briefly, what I thought was the most annoying part of the season: When Amy's lost faith in the Doctor is indicated by him referring to her by her husband's name. "When you're sort of in love with me, you get to keep your own name, but when you're going to stop waiting and strike out on your own? Oops! Married name time!" Rawr.

This ends my geeky rant. We now return to our regularly scheduled programing.

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Joe Z said...

Damn it, you're right. When he started calling Amy Pond "Amy Williams", it was jarring. I mean, I guess it was supposed to indicate him getting over his God complex and letting her live her own life, but it just seemed like...I dunno, like he was giving her away to another man. You know?

And it did seem like he was only marrying River Song because that was the only way she'd listen to reason, or something. It was just so messed up.