October 27, 2011


I just watched the movie Milk at our school's queer film fest. And I was thinking, wow. I am really grateful that I live in an age when I can go to school in the south, be openly gay, and not fear getting beat up for it. In fact, that's pretty awesome. Of course, it's not enough. I want gay kids to not get bullied or denied access to proms or scout troops or whatever. I want to not have to worry about not getting a job or housing due to my sexuality. I might even want to marry or adopt kids someday. And none of those things can happen in my home state. I want no one to ever be the victim of hate crimes. But I can walk down the street and know that I'm safe and I can be open about who I am and pretty much all of my school, students and staff, will be behind me and want all those things, too. Sometimes it's nice to remember that that's really a good, important thing.

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