October 31, 2011

Occupy Mary Wash Points of Unity

Really quick, before I run off to class, here are the Points of Unity for my school's Occupy group. I like them.
Points of Unity
1. We, #OccupyMaryWash, stand in Solidarity with all Occupiers. With anyone who is oppressed by the top 1%. We stand in Solidarity with the 99%.
2. We stand in Solidarity with all who struggle for equality be it of race, class, age, sexuality, gender, disability, religion, and any associations. We are witness to and stand together in their struggles.
3. We see education as a human right and sky rocketing tuition as an obstacle to that right.
4. We see an organization composed of faculty, staff, and students as key to our success.
5. We recognize there has been a short coming of the administrative and bureaucratic structures of this university in protecting and elevating the voice and rights of all members of the Mary Washington community.
6. We believe in respect for all workers and a livable wage for all workers.
7. We believe in environmental sustainability as the only just future for this community.
8. We believe students and faculty are instrumental to the success and continuation of this university and therefore students and faculty must be instrumental in all decision making processes that impact the university.
9. We are committed to non-violence, non-hierarchical structure and respect for diversity of all types.
10. We are committed to the creation of a transparently run university.

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