October 30, 2011

Votes for Children!

Allow me to copy almost in its entirety my favorite blog post of the day, which suggested that we just extend the vote to all American citizens, regardless of age:
Objections to this usually take the form of imagining a highly disciplined party of seven year-olds reliably delivering bloc votes to whichever candidate credibly promises endless kindergarten. If you think for five minutes about the practical problems of political organizing, and then for five minutes more about the practical problems of getting kids to do anything I think you’ll see quickly that this is a misguided worry.
Seriously. Imagine a campaign directed entirely at 7-year-olds. It would be HILARIOUS. I fully support this proposition. I know plenty of high schoolers who were entirely informed enough and enthusiastic enough to vote, and the decisions made by elected officials - especially at the very local level, like the school board - can really effect students, so why shouldn't they have a say? And, I want to see campaign commercials featuring Muppets or Barney. They'd be smarter than Herman Cain's most recent ad.

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