November 15, 2011

Comment of the Day on Occupy Wall Street

I couldn't get on Twitter this morning, so when I finally checked it between classes and caught up on the news about Occupy Wall Street, I was horrified. They destroyed books! They arrested journalists! They ignored a court order allowing the protests to continued!

But what everyone on my twitter feed was most upset about, and I agree: They threw away THOUSANDS of books! So here was my favorite comment on the subject, via Shakesville's open thread.


You smashed the library.

You smashed the library. 5,000 books gone and in a landfill because you had to be needlessly cruel and/or beat some protesters in effigy.

It is ON, motherfuckers. On like Donkey Kong. On like the Doctor facing down a bunch of aliens at Stonehenge with the Pandorica. On like Neo fighting Agent Smith one-handed. Because now the geeks, bibliophiles, and librarians are coming for you. And we have all the cool signs and cosplayers.

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