November 2, 2011

A Lesbian Library Story and What I'm Reading

Once upon a time, I was working on a research paper. (Hint: Is it at least halfway through the semester? Then I'm working on a research paper.) This one was about how historians interpret Frances Willard's diary, where she discusses being exclusively attracted to women.

One of the things that makes me very proud of my university is the amount of women's studies and queer studies books we have, so when I went into the library today, I came out with a HUGE stack of books, many of which had "queer" or "gay" or "lesbian" on the cover somewhere.

I'm really excited about this research, so I was annoyed at how embarrassed I found myself feeling at I went to check out. I worried the library staff would see what I was reading and judge me; I felt the urge to say, "It's for a paper!" (Because surely no one would want to know about lesbian history and queer theory  just because?) What if they thought I was gay because I was reading about gay people? They'd be right, but I'd hate for someone to think it just because of what I was reading.

Naturally, all of this is silly. Obviously people can read about gay people for fun, even if they're not gay. But I was blushing, and I didn't even check out the Big Book of Lesbian Sex that was shelved next to the history!

Here's what I'm reading today!

The Supreme Court will probably decide that prisoners can't sue privately-run federal prison employee for cruel and unusual treatment.

The Supercommittee is likely to cut really awesome programs supporting organic farming and farmer's markets while continuing to support giant agribusiness.

Occupy Wall Street made bike powered generators!


Brinn said...

I think I'd rather like to read the Big Book of Lesbian Sex. : )

Katie Casey said...

They have it in our library, you should've checked it out!