January 18, 2012

Irish Vocab Lesson

ACDC means "bisexual."

But the guy who used it was from Toronto originally, so perhaps it's a Canadian thing.

Went to fencing practice tonight at the end of a long, wonderful day. I wasn't sure if I should, but I'm so glad I did - I got a great epee lesson and fenced some fun bouts, and the few people who were on campus for practice (most students haven't gotten back yet) were incredibly welcoming. I might even be going to Dublin with them next weekend! To fence! A weapon that I just started learning today! Things move quickly here in Ireland!


Chris Casey said...
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Chris Casey said...

It's a Rock 'n Roll thing. A great band named 'Sweet' originally wrote and performed ACDC, and Joan Jett did a great cover of it as well.

Sweet's version

Joan Jett's take