May 30, 2012

Well That's Grand (On the Minimum Wage and Stuff)

In my home state, you have to work 112 hours a week at minimum wage to afford an apartment. For comparison, there are 168 hours in the week. (In New York, it's 136, but I bet their stats are skewed by New York City, which is a world unto itself. I wonder what the difference in Virginia's numbers is between the DC Metro Area and Everywhere Else...)

That's pretty cool.

I'm working in Fredericksburg this summer, in the department office for Classics, Philosophy and Religion. I work nowhere near 112 hours a week, but I'm hoping to make enough money to pay for taking the GRE and paying my grad school application fees, anyway, which is more doable than paying for an apartment. And since I'm on campus already 3 days a week anyway, I'm spending some time locked in the library, preparing for the above-mentioned GRE, studying Dutch, and putting together my Fulbright Scholarship application.

This is much more exciting than it sounds, really.

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