June 16, 2012

In Which Black Widow is Bamf.

You know, sometimes I wish I could just copy-paste the entire text of blog posts I like onto my blog so that you all could read them, and then I would just write "YES" at the bottom or something to indicate how awesome I found it. But that, my dear friends, is called copyright violation, and it's frowned upon in most societies.

 So as an alternative: This is a post about Black Widow in The Avengers. You should read it.

The author is annoyed that men reviewing the movie seem to be under the false impression that Black Widow exists in the film as just a pair of tits, rather than being a serious character with a legitimate role in the story. It's understandable that these reviewers are confused, because in every super hero movie that's ever been made since the dawn of time, the woman is usually primarily a pair of tits. But I still really enjoyed reading the list of all the reasons this is decidedly not the case in The Avengers.

Granted, all she does in the movie is fight off captors while tied to a chair, stay mature and focused while the other Avengers are bickering like children, draw on her personal traumatic history to trick the god of tricks into revealing his plan, take a punch from the Hulk and keep on ticking, cure a teammate of his scepter-hypnosis through the wonders of head trauma, fight off an army of aliens on hoverscooters with nothing but two handguns and snark,  ride one of those aliens up to the top of Stark Tower using a knife in its back like a joystick, and beat the necessary information out of a hypnotized scientist so she can shut down the wormhole and save the day. But at least she didn’t get brainwashed by a supervillain, Hawkeye

Yeah, I can't wait to see that movie again. And I want to know what happens in Budapest. 

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