August 30, 2012

Back To School reading

Have you ever heard of UnCollege? I signed up for their newsletter because when you do you get a free e-book. I haven't read the book yet, but the newsletter is the most fascinating thing in my inbox each week, and possibly the only e-mail I've ever signed up for and then proceeded to consistently and enthusiastically read. It's pointed me to some cool articles about education, and I'm leaving the links here if you're interested. They're pretty dire - the whole perspective of UnCollege is that education as we do it today is at best inefficient and at worse actively harmful to one's actual learning, and I'm not sure I would take such a perspective, because our education system has actually served me pretty wells in a lot of ways. But they're definitely worth a look.

School is Not School - on how the ideal school system, in which people learn to be citizens, turned into something much more boring, with the unfortunate side effect of furthering economic injustice.

The Prison Educational Complex - on "zero-tolerance" rule enforcement, windowless cinderblock high school buildings, and why sometimes school police officers arrest students for "insubordination" and that's really really not ok.

And some bonus, non-education related reading: Undercover at a NOM conference.

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