August 28, 2012

Senior Year Goals

I'm a senior now, which means that I have to get in every college-related thing that I want to do before I graduate. So here's a list. :D

  • Get a free dinner every night for a week at various campus ministries. Bonus points: Spark a legitimate theological debate without being a dick.
  • Attend all 4 school plays. I haven't gone to any since freshman year, which is sad, because our theater department is pretty good. This year I'm going to buy a subscription, so I get tickets for all the plays automatically rather than forgetting and then finding them sold out!
  • Write an angry letter to the editor to the school paper, because ridiculous debates sparked by the Bullet are something of a school pastime, and I want to contribute to this charming tradition.
  • Attend Spring Formal. Bonus points: Attend Spring Formal in drag.
  • Attend Drag Show in drag.
  • Attend Victorian Ball in a hand-made ball gown.
  • Play a song on guitar at Open Mic Night.
  • Go to at least one or two of those guest lectures that I always mean to go to but you know I could be at home taking a nap.
  • Participate in one of the campus-wide community service days, even though it means waking up early on a weekend.
  • Go to the Fredericksburg Area Museum and the Apothecary downtown.
  • Go to at least 2 fancy Fredericksburg restaurants. Bonus points: Get someone else *coughPARENTScough* to pay.

Also, get a Fulbright grant, write a publication-worthy senior thesis, and get into Harvard. You know, in my free time. 

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Jennifer said...

Sounds like lofty goals : ) Have fun, learn a lot, and keep trying new things. Love you!